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Complete service: Your expansion joint supplied and installed

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These days, installation, maintenance, replacement or renovation work on your industrial installation has to be organised with the greatest precision. The slightest delay or the smallest mistake represents a danger to a program maximised to reduce the time of “shut down”. Maintenance costs are incomparable to the sustained losses due to "non production".
Who, else then the producer and supplier, is the best qualified to assume from taking the measures up to the installation of a product ?



A complete service from the beginning until the end will offer you the advantage of being discharged completely while having the guarantee of work done by professionals in their branch. Not only our production, but also the installation can be done by our own company staff, or at least under supervision of our qualified personal. It will be an honour for us to discharge you completely from the chapter “expansion joints” in your plant. We are ready to help you all over the world. Our technicians have and will have all required qualifications, currently applied and those to come. They have the needed skills for quality as well as for security, and numbers of companies have already been confiding us their expansion joints for many years. We can offer the taking down, renewal or restoral of the metal parts such as flanges and deflectors and of course the installation of the expansion joint.

Don’t only ask for expansion joints, ask for installation too. Ferlam Compensateurs can do both.

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