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An “expansion joint” or also called “compensator” is designed and installed for compensating vibration, misalignment and thermal expansion in every installation with fluid transport. They are vital elements in every industrial plant. They guarantee the continuity of the flow while absorbing the differences and changing’s between the solid parts of the installation and so will contribute to the strength and solidity of the construction.


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The type of compensator will depend on the flow, the temperature, the pressure, etc. We can distinguish three major types of expansion joints : Rubber moulded expansion joints used mainly in liquid transport, metallic expansion joints used in high pressurized installations and fabric expansion joints used in transport of air and flue gases, because of their excellent resistance to aggressive fluids and extremely high temperatures. Of course “Ferlam Compensateurs” can advise and supply any of these types, depending on what is needed and what is best.
Every solid construction needs flexibility. You want to know more? Don’t hesitate to contact us! Contact us !

basic principles

What has taken us years of experience is impossible to explain in these few pages, but at least they will help you understand the importance of the expansion joints in your industrial plant and in some way the complexity that goes with it.Two basic principals always to be kept in mind:  :

-Using the right expansion joint AND keeping it in a good state is CRUCIAL for good functioning of your industrial installation.

-An expansion joint is a moving element.Therefore it should be considered as a spare part and regularly be replaced to maintain the excellence of your plant.

Although we are absolutely accustomed to act and produce in urgency, replacing an expansion joint in time during maintenance sessions is much more economic than undergo an eventual accidental “shut down” or malfunctioning due to leaking.